Bridge The Gap

Millwall football club pay men 80% more than women. While female staff at Ryanair take home 72% less than their male colleagues. And in the UK, on average, men earn 18% more than women*.

This is the gender pay gap – the difference between men and women’s average earnings. Find out more about what it is and how it happens in ‘The Issue’ tab below.

UK organisations with 250 or more employees are now legally obliged to publish their gender pay gap data. This means we can track how seriously employers are taking it and work with them to make our workplaces more equal.

This is why UNISON is leading a nationwide campaign to #BridgeTheGap. UNISON represents over one million women, making us the largest women’s organisation in the UK.

Get involved

Watch the presentation and find out how you can take some practical steps to make your workplace more equal.

A how-to guide and detailed guidance can be ordered from our Online Catalogue or downloaded from the ‘Resources’ section below. This will help activists to build a productive conversation with your employer.

Help us make the campaign visible and keep the pressure on by using the graphics from the ‘Resources’ section. Use them online, in social media posts or place them around your workplace.

*According to Office for National Statistics published in April 2017.