NJC Pay Claim 2020-21 update

Following consultation with UNITE and GMB colleagues the Joint Trade Union national negotiators have submitted the following pay claim for 2020-21:

  • A real living wage of £10 per hour to be introduced for NJC scp 1 and a 10% increase on all other NJC/GLPC pay points
  • A one day increase to the minimum paid annual leave entitlement set out in the Green Book
  • A two hour reduction in the standard working week as set out in the Green Book
  • A comprehensive joint national review of the workplace causes of stress and mental health throughout local authorities

The National Employers the LGA (Local Government Association) will be consulting with their constituent employers i.e. all council chief executives and council leaders and we should here the outcome of their deliberations in September.

What you can do

Write or email the leader of Bolton Council, Councillor David Greenhalgh asking Bolton Council to look favourably on the claim.