Are you registered to vote?


Elections count.  They affect us at work.  They affect our families.  They affect our friends.  They affect our jobs and they affect our communities.

After years of Government cuts to public services, all our major services are in difficulty.

We cannot suffer in silence.  We cannot miss our chance to have our say.

Make it easier for yourself.  Do not risk a busy life or an unexpected emergency stopping you on the day.  Vote at your own convenience.

Are you registered to vote or for a Postal Vote for the General Election that could be called at any time? 

(The Government must give a minimum of five weeks notice).

To vote in the General Election likely in November or December 2019, you need to register as soon as possible.

(You don’t need to register again if you’ve already done so.) 

Don’t put it off for another day go to:

To register a postal vote:

The deadline for registering for a Postal Vote  is likely to be two weeks before the date of a General Election.

Don’t put it off for another day go to: