General Election 2019

Parliament has voted for an election on 12th December…

Austerity has put great strain on all our public services. A mixture of false economy and a withdrawal of needs-based spending has created great hardship for millions. Wages have stagnated and in work poverty has reached unheard of levels. Yet this is all the more disturbing because this was a deliberate decision.

From 2010 the party of the very rich sought to blame and, target public service workers and the services we provide for a global banking crash. . Then they proceeded to make us pay for a crisis not of our making by a savage programme of cuts.  All our great services are on the verge of crisis as a result.

Of all people, our members have reason to vote in this election to protect the services they provide, the service users they support and for a fair deal for public service workers and our families.

Yet the government that created these problems, that plundered our services, offers to put some of the money back, over many years to come, with dubious priorities only if we vote for them. Of all people, our members can least afford to trust them.

UNISON has stood up and backed our members throughout this deluge of austerity. We have survived the most hostile of governments. Yet to really deliver for members we need a government for the many not the few. One that shares our aims and understands our lives and our concerns.

The cuts have been unfair, unnecessary and have proved unsustainable. This election needs to be about the real issues that affect the lives of the many in this country. It will be challenging, but by our members talking about what the real issues are about with this general election we have a chance of real change.

Andrea Egan

Joint Branch Secretary