General Election December 12th

Register to vote in the general election

If all you want for Christmas is better funded public services, then register to vote today. And get your family and friends to register too.

There will be a general election on 12 December and to vote in it, you must be registered to vote by 26 November.

Ways of voting

At a polling station: You can choose to vote in person at your local polling station. Details of your local polling station will be on the card that comes in the post. You don’t need any ID to vote this way.

Postal vote: if you have lots of Christmas parties already planned, or you can’t get to a polling station for any other reason, it might be a good idea to register for a postal vote. You’ll receive the ballot paper through the post, then you vote and post it back. Or, if you miss the last post, take it to a polling station.

Voting by proxy: you can also nominate someone else to vote for you.

How to register to vote

Go to the Register to Vote page on and click the Start Now button. You’ll need your National Insurance number.

You can choose how you’d like to vote on the form

Who can vote

In a general election British, Irish and Commonwealth citizens over 18 who are permanent residents of the UK can vote.

Who to vote for?

The political parties will publish their manifestos soon. Have a look at their policies to see which ones will give more money to public services and protect your rights as a public sector worker.