COVID 19 – Message from Branch Secretary

Today as your branch secretary I have written to the Leader and Chief Executive of Bolton Council and urged them to close the Libraries now, and identify all non essential services to close down so that we can start the process of getting essential services working at full capacity.

PPE and guidelines for safe working to those in essential roles.

I am asking all UNISON members who feel confident to do so, to volunteer to change roles to help in areas of essential work.

We are proud public sector workers – the branch office will operate on a full operational advisory service and are available for video calls as well. Our Admin staff will be working at home with the ability and capacity to get any form or advisory out to you or refer your query to a representative.

There For You, is a section of UNISON that is there for financial assistance to any member in the private sector who requires our financial support of faced with unpaid leave or SSP. We have also teamed up with Bolton NICE and any retired Unison Member or worker on low pay, in need of support or a food Parcel will be given assistance. If you require assistance please ring the branch office.

These are unprecedented times, it will test us all to very varying degrees. No worker should work in an unsafe environment or conditions. If you feel you are being instructed to do so then contact the Branch on 338901.

I have volunteered to go and work in any area of essential or vital working if needed, I ask you to do the same. If in doubt please ring the branch office.

Please share this with your Unison colleagues in Bolton LG Branch.

If you’re not in a union, join one now.

Andrea Egan