Coronavirus – Branch assistance for Retired members


By now, along with everybody else, UNISON members are involved with protecting themselves, their families, work colleagues and neighbours from the spread of the Coronavirus. It is important that nobody is overlooked, and in particular that nobody is left alone, vulnerable, with no family or community support.

Older people are at greater risk, both from lack of support and from the virus itself.

Your UNISON Branch is here to help, if you need us. Where possible we can provide support directly from the Branch or we can refer members to local authority or community and voluntary groups in Bolton who can help.

  • do you have sufficient food and other essentials?
  • do you have money available to keep yourself supplied?
  • are you housebound due to self-isolation or any other reason?
  • do you have support from family, friends, carers, social workers, home carers, district nurse, neighbours etc. and can therefore keep yourself supplied with food etc.
  • are you able to obtain prescriptions?

If you would like to speak to anybody about any of those issues, or anything else, please contact the Branch as follows:

ring 07984 262 465 on Monday & Tuesday 9am-5pm and Wednesday 9am-12.30pm

ring 07904 319548 on Wednesday 1.30pm – 5pm and Thursday & Friday 9am-5pm

email Monday – Friday 9am-5pm

email on the weekends if it is urgent

email at any time

This website and the main UNISON website will have regular updates with all the information we have for members so please check them regularly too.

Stay well and safe,

Bolton UNISON Branch