NJC Consultative Pay Ballot 2020 – update

Members in the Bolton Branch on NJC terms and conditions (which covers all Council employees, most schools and Serco) have recently voted in a consultative ballot over whether to accept or reject the employers’ final pay offer of 2.75%.

The joint unions had asked for 10%. The Branch position, and that of North West UNISON, was to reject 2.75% as a poor offer as it comes after years of pay rises capped at 1% which has seen wages stagnate as the cost of living rises.

Information was sent out to members email explaining the Branch position and several online member meetings were held but all NJC members had a free vote; the ballot closed on 11th August and our hard-working public sector staff in Bolton agreed that they deserve better as the Branch result was to REJECT the pay offer.

The ballot was a national one and the overall result will be anounced on 21st August – we will let members know as soon as we can.