Care workers deserve more than applause

It’s time for a fair deal for care workers. A national day of action is being assembled on 3rd February 2021.

The coronavirus pandemic has shone a spotlight on the best and worst in our society, with frontline care workers being some of the many hero’s that have kept the nation going throughout the crisis.

COVID-19 has forced care workers into life-threatening working conditions and untold mental strain. Exhausted, dedicated; they have been applauded as national heroes.

Yet three out of four care workers do not earn a living wage meaning many cannot comfortably feed their families or pay the bills. Their pedestal is made of sand.

UNISON is leading the fight and asking all members to join care workers, celebrities, politicians, unions, charities and employers – to show care workers the support they have across the country and to fight for their right to dignity in work.

Let’s turn the internet into a hive of activity – Pay Fair for Care!

Pay Fair for Care: Rally & Day of Action


What can you do to help?

(1) Attend the virtual rally, with celebrity guests

When? 12.30 – 2pm, Wednesday 3 February

How? It’s best to watch live on Facebook but you can also watch on our partner FSCC’s website.

Click attending on Facebook

Or sign up on Eventbrite and FSCC will email you.

Why? Thousands of care workers will log on, during their lunch hour, to stand up for what’s fair. They will be joined by politicians and celebrity supporters to discuss why this fight matters and what you can do to help. Find out more on the Facebook event and click attending for guest speaker first release.

(2) Sign the petition

Sian Stockham – care worker and UNISON Vice President – has set up a petition to parliament that demands fair pay for care workers. She needs 100,000 signatures to force a debate in parliament and ask the government why they won’t pay care fair.

Sign Sian’s petition

(3) Tell your friends

Share the petition on WhatsApp

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Download graphics and help to spread the word!