Lifeways Update

When you think of payday, ‘Dread’ is not a word that comes to mind for most workers – unless of course you are one of the many Lifeways’ workers that is regularly paid incorrect amounts in your monthly pay-packet.

Every month we are contacted by lots of members who have not been given their correct pay. So, last month, UNISON conducted a short survey of Lifeways members in the region focusing on payday issues. The results were absolutely shocking. We’ve summarised some of the key findings below;

After hearing how angry people feel about their pay, we need to say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Members shouldn’t have to be constantly chasing their wages.

At our last Lifeways’ Organising Committee members were keen to take action. We discussed the possibility of a rolling grievance against Lifeways every time they fail to pay us properly. The survey showed that around one quarter of staff are paid incorrectly every month with almost all staff experiencing problems at some point or other. It seems that the only way they listen to us is when they have to respond to a formal grievance. So be it.

If we are to consider this course of action then we need to be solid. Every member involved every time pay is wrong. If you haven’t filled in our Facebook poll about pay, then please do it now so we can gauge the full extent of the problem before deciding on next steps.

If you are not a member of the Facebook group, you can join at: The group is open to all UNISON members in Lifeways.
If you think your pay is wrong or you haven’t been paid, please follow your employer’s process in the first instance by contacting your line manager but do let us know too.