Further NJC Pay Update – new salaries and lump sum payments

We have had quite a few queries at the Branch office from members who are confused as to what exactly has been agreed in the pay claim, how much their monthly salary will rise by, what their back pay lump sum will be, how much they will get if they work part-time and when they will be paid.

Bolton Council are hoping to make the lump sum back payments in November’s wages but this is a huge job so is not guaranteed. If not November then it will be in December’s wages.

We’ve created some guidance which includes the new salaries for each grade and scale point (click below), which hopefully will help to answer those questions – please note, if you are part-time, you may find it helpful to use an online pro-rata salary calculator, such as: https://salarybot.co.uk/pro-rata-salary-calculator/ to help work out your new annual and monthly salary, and how much your lump sum of back pay will be.

Guidance for new salaries and calculating lump sum payments November 2022